We're an LMS+
(the Plus makes us better!)

Does this sound familiar?  Your learning management system isn’t doing its job.   You want something simple, but powerful, but you’ve had to patch together technologies that are hard to administer, frustrating for users and you aren’t achieving your goals. That’s why we went a different direction - building a single platform from the ground up; the best LMS in the industry combined with the most requested features from Learning Content Management systems, Content Creation Systems, Learning Record Stores and more. No compromises or filler technology.

Content is at the heart of what we do.

We think the success of learning systems rests on the quality and relevance of learning content. In fact, we believe it so much, it’s in our name – Content Driven Delivery (CD2 Learning). That’s why, regardless of where or how content is created, our system delivers the right content to your users at the right time.

CD2 = Content Driven Delivery

Content Unleashed

Proprietary Content
3rd Party Content
Open Source

Proprietary Content

Your content built specifically for your users. We fully support SCORM courses constructed from a variety of products as well as our unique Learning Content Authoring technology (InnovatorTM) that allows you unparalleled interaction, easy administration, and reuse.

Responsive scalable, device agnostic Mlearning - Anywhere or Anytime!

3rd Party Content

Whether you take advantage of our unique leadership content from Ken Blanchard CompaniesTM, our library of 20,000 curated titles available thought our partnership with Open SesameTM or 3rd party content you bring to us, you can easily integrate courses into personal learning paths, certification tracks and courses to augment your proprietary and open source content.

Moment-in-Time - Just in Time Authoring Learning Solution

Open Source

The world has evolved, and learning is everywhere. Relevant content is found in places like social media, YouTubeTM or VimeoTM. Just like your proprietary and 3rd party lessons, you can easily integrate openly available content directly into your users' learning experience.

We'll help you get there

While our technology platform is second to none, we know that working as a team is crucial to achieving the results you want. Our e-learning experts will help you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves on building programs that don’t just check the box, but truly become the platform driving your organization’s most important asset - its people - to new heights.

Additionally, CD2 Learning is unique in our capability to build genuinely engaging learning content. Whether we start with concept and whiteboard or are updating your existing content, let us help you get the right lessons and courses to your users when they really need it. We believe in knowledge at the point of need.