Designed to be a total solution, from the start.

Great ideas seem to share humble beginnings. They’re built in garages, fleshed out in dorms; ours was designed at a coffee shop. Why CD2? Having built and sold a successful online training and assessment business, we shared your frustrations with conventional systems. So, we challenged the status quo. CD2 started by redefining "content" not as a finished product, but as granular building blocks. Your entire information architecture reimagined! Built-in content authoring & management, learning management, and talent development all in one scalable solution.

“Conventional methods of content management and creation were limited, expensive and hard to manage. Online learning was stale and boring. We knew we could develop a better way. By starting with a micro level of content we provided the flexibility to maintain, create, repurpose, track, analyze, deliver and protect your intellectual property.”

Tom Huber - CD2 Learning’s Chief Information Officer

Benefits of a content centered approach

Our approach allows content (discrete elements - individual videos, text blocks, images, etc.) to be formatted dynamically into information tailored to meet user needs. Our solution gives you the ability to easily author, access and repurpose content throughout the system to keep your people and customers engaged with relevant information. Our system allows you to align content to organizational outcomes. By tracking user progress through a powerful reporting engine, you receive more granular data and insight into how your content impacts users.

Security of Your Data is Our Concern

CD2’s cloud-based platform is hosted in Armor’s world-class Tier 4 Data Centers and protected by the Armor Anywhere solution. This allows CD2 to choose from a variety of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as Amazon and Edgecast to meet client needs. The Armor Anywhere agent gathers logs, changes to critical files, patch status and more to equip our experts with information they need to keep you safe. In addition, CD2 conducts nightly backups and daily (hourly) incremental backups as part of our contingency planning.



CD2 selected Armor to host our cloud-based platform because they offer 24/7 live monitoring in their highly experienced security operations center, led by experts with more than 200 years of military and IT security expertise.


Armor engineers also continuously monitor all files looking for signs of hacker activity. Armor's superior reputation in this area is one reason that CD2 relies on Armor's 24/7 live system monitoring to provide the highest security. CD2 also works with Armor to perform vulnerability scans several times each month. These scans help to ensure that systems are not vulnerable to access from non-registered users.


Armor captures log events from servers to proactively identify issues and enhance correlation activities. CD2 reviews the logs to verify the events and has the ability to recall logs for up to 13 months or longer if needed.


To minimize security risks, CD2 works with Armor to protect your sites and data from malware and viruses. Noted issues are immediately remediated and communicated to CD2. In addition, Armor regularly scans all servers to identify necessary patches. Then Armor works with CD2 to ensure that the servers are updated without causing disruption to clients.
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Flexible, Responsive Technology

An infrastructure built on current industry standards, our SaaS platform allows for easy integration and access from any device.

Device Neutral - HTML5/CSS/JS - Check
Device Neutral - HTML5/CSS/JS
API Intergrations  - Check
API Integrations
Hosted eCommerce Storefronts  - Check
Hosted eCommerce Storefronts
Single Sign-on (SSO) Capability  - Check
Single Sign-on (SSO) Capability

Partner For Success

CD2 is committed to our clients' success. Our software is configured to fit your
business needs and outcomes,and if it doesn't - we'll design your solution.

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