Build your content faster and easier by leveraging our web-based content authoring tools. Easily create engaging, high-quality learning content in a drag-and-drop interface. Search, create, repurpose, update once and publish everywhere. Using our award-winning tools, construct real-world simulations, games, assessments, and other activities while gathering analytics on every click all in one system.
Create interactive real-world simulations and assessments.
Create Activities for Today’s Workforce

Add a new level of engagement to keep your learners interested. Our patent-pending Innovator is a fully embedded authoring tool designed with a drag-and-drop interface. Visually construct interactive scenarios easily accessible from any device. Use audit paths and checkpoints for in-depth data collection.

Easily create assessments with our simple drag-and-drop interface.
Easily Create Assessments - Track Outcomes

Use our simple drag-and-drop interface to build assessments for your users. Share questions from other assessments or item banks. Randomize questions and distractors and link each question to an outcome. Include multimedia content or use multiple question types to make assessments engaging. Include rationales, autoscore to provide immediate feedback.

Instantly share real-time experiences, anywhere, anytime.
Create Content Anywhere, Anytime

In today’s continuously connected world, information can rapidly become obsolete. Your system needs to adapt. Take advantage of mobile capability to leverage those experiential moments. Instantly share real-time experiences and track accountability.

Visually Build Content
Visually Build Content

Increase efficiency and produce professional results using a drag-and-drop interface. Our responsive styles allow you to dynamically assemble content onto predefined templates - simultaneously view how it appears to users.

Rapid Creation
Rapid Creation

Upload your content using a simple drag-and-drop interface that supports bulk importing. Add tags and keywords to the content elements to make finding them quick and easy. All items are automatically loaded into a content delivery network with multiple points of presence spanning the globe.

Standard Features

Version Control

Track changes for each content element & recall later if needed. Publish change when ready.


Author content using device agnostic code that can be deployed to any device.

Change Management

Quickly find and edit individual content elements. Deploy the changes everywhere instantly.

Types of Content

Author or upload images, video, documents, text, assessments, simulations, social media & More

Multi-language Support

Offer the same content in many different languages.

Content Listing

View a list of all pages where a content element is used. Ensure you know the affect of content updates.