Increase engagement with gamification and active learning to practice and apply skills. Make learning a social experience with collaboration that builds community. Convenient, enjoyable, and empowering learning – when and where you want it.
Gamification Reward Users
Gamification – Reward Users

Engage users with our built-in gamification engine. Design custom badges and a point system to automatically award completed tasks. Use leaderboards to encourage participation and track success. Gamify your key business objectives for increased retention and buy-in.

Create Certification Tracks
Create Certification Tracks

Manage all of your certification programs and track progress. Administrators can define certification tracks including online courses, instructor-led or other training. Add elements of gamification and social learning to encourage participation. Brand your own certificate template.

Extended Enterprise Offering
Extended Enterprise Offering

Share your knowledge and create a new revenue stream. Offer online and live courses and other materials though an eCommerce store. Live classes include wait listing and attendance tracking. Build a catalog and calendar to show upcoming live and online class availability.

Role-based Dashboards
Role-based Dashboards

Provide at-a-glance views for each member of your organization. Give executives, managers, and administrators tools to gauge engagement and view how users are moving through the system. Configure branded dashboards based on selected system components.

Personalized Learning - Educate Using Outcomes
Personalized Learning - Educate Using Outcomes

Add a personal touch by creating custom lessons for users. The Personal Learning Path is a way to link learning outcomes with lesson content. Using our robust analytics platform, users have additional lessons automatically generated for them based upon assessment performance. These new lessons examine weaker areas of knowledge and are constructed to give users a way to review content to show mastery.

Standard Features


View notifications, collaborations, progress and system use.

Calendar of Events

Manage a calendar of events, assignments, and live classes.


Earn badges and points by completing various activities in the system.

Group Discussions

Interact with groups and class members to increase engagement.

Engaging Activities

Create and view interactive simulations and games.


Create unique activities and assessments for your class.

Multi-language Support

Offer the same content in many different languages.


Automatically scored assessments that give immediate feedback.


View detailed group and progress reports to assess learning.


Keep a history of your entire learning journey.

Email Reminders

Send custom group emails to encourage participation.

Custom Branding

Tailor the system to reflect your brand identity.