About Us

About the Company

CD2 Learning is changing the way people learn and grow through a scalable cloud platform designed for the modern workforce. Our name represents our fundamental difference, Content Driven Delivery. Since 2008, we've worked with organizations of all sizes to support their digital learning and development needs. We continually create new capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the L&D professional and the individual learner. This top-down/bottom-up approach allows our clients to develop a culture that has real impact on the overall success of the organization.

About the Founders

Rich and Dena Bartlett co-founded CD2 Learning following the sale of Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), a software company they co-founded in 1999. From their ATI experience, the Bartlett's shared many of the same frustrations as today's LMS users and knew the industry needed a more efficient, engaging, and affordable system. Their solution - CD2 Learning.

CD2 Learning is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. Our Midwestern location is reflected in our work ethic and client-focused culture of hard work and perseverance.