Technical Consulting

As part of the implementation process you'll be matched with a project manager responsible for interfacing with your IT team. This is the time to discuss options for CD2 Learning to provide any additional technical services you might need, such as domain management.

Service from the technical team extends to handling complex support questions and troubleshooting. Your service team can interface with an existing helpdesk or assume the role of your online learning product.

Technical services project manager interfaces with client IT team
Portal Development

Deliver products using a custom-branded portal with an optional e-commerce component. As part of implementation, the team works with organizations to develop a set of requirements for a learning portal that can include a fully built website, e-commerce component, and live class management.

Full Website

Develop a custom website with the ability to manage page content. Using an integrated page builder, administrators have access to edit and create new pages. All websites are designed to be responsive in order to accommodate all devices.