Solve problems, innovate faster and harness the expertise and viewpoints of others in a collaborative solution. Working together builds stronger teams, increases job satisfaction, and retains talent.
Make Social Collaboration a Priority
Make Social Collaboration a Priority

Share ideas and connect with others about content, workflows, or learning. Join public groups or create and invite users to private groups. Encourage feedback by allowing users to rate threads and posts. Use search options to find previously posted information.

Collaborative Workflows
Collaborative Workflows

Create and define dynamic workflows. Use the patent-pending CD2 Collaborative Process Map component for onboarding, learning, succession planning, sales training, and more. Improve effectiveness on joint tasks by removing the communication barriers, minimize organizational boundaries, and encourage online social interaction. Gamify your processes by adding point values, badges, and leaderboards.

Socialize Your Discussions
Socialize Your Discussions

Attach content — including social media feeds and posts — to keep your conversations fresh and relevant. By rating threads and posts, users can see trending topics. Foster social learning in your private environment where users can exchange ideas and information.

Standard Features


View notifications, collaborations, progress and system use.


Send individual and group notifications to keep everyone informed.

Collaborate on Content

Add content elements to your discussions.


Rate collaboration threads and posts to show trending topics.


View detailed group and progress reports to assess learning.

Email Reports

Receive regular reports via email that detail content creation activities in your organization.


Earn badges and points by completing various activities in the system.


Create a social profile to select what information you want others to see about you.