Customer Support

Our customer support is committed to helping you maximize your investment.

As the industry's most flexible technology, we apply that same flexibility to customer service. We understand that our success is directly related to your success. To that end we offer a variety of service plans that can be tailored to meet your needs. Most clients handle basic customer support issues such as forgotten passwords and locked accounts from our convenient user admin dashboard. However more customized solutions are available. CD2 is staffed to handle more complex issues with online chat and phone support backed by a technical support knowledgebase and FAQ listing.

We encourage feedback as we actively look to improve our solution. How can we help you?

Contact Customer Service: (877) 232-9800

Explaining the tiers of customized customer support
Integrated Tools

CD2 Learning provides a comprehensive toolset for handling support issues. Organizations can leverage a custom-branded support portal that houses a knowledgebase. Additionally, the system features an integrated ticketing system with live chat and email support options. Additional tools for screen sharing and phone conferencing are available.