Content Development

Great content starts with solid content. The CD2 team has years of experience helping organizations bring their content to life through interactive and engaging products.

Ask how we can partner to help meet your evolving content needs. We'll assist you in handling every aspect of the process. Starting with the storyboarding process, we work with you to organize existing items, load them into the system and create additional assets.

Consulting a client on content development needs
Content Management

You'll grow a sustainable content library by learning how to categorize and tag content. CD2 Learning has extensive experience in managing large amounts of individual elements across various sites. We'll put that experience to use for you by teaching you best practices to create your library.


Video and audio engagement are key drivers of high-quality learning materials. The content creation team guides organizations in identifying existing content for use. Additional services can be provided, including video production and voiceover creation.


You can create in-depth interactions and simulations using Innovator. This custom-built tool that delivers a consistent experience across all devices. Training and Documentation will be provided to assist you with onboarding and creation.