CD2 Learning Client Success Story - WellCare Health Plans

One Leader at a Time

Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., WellCare Health Plans, Inc. focuses exclusively on providing governmentsponsored managed care services, primarily through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, to families, children, seniors and individuals with complex medical needs. WellCare serves approximately 3.8 million members nationwide..

The Challenge

The healthcare and insurance industries have undergone dramatic changes over the last decade. For organizations like WellCare that deal exclusively with government sponsored healthcare, the federally mandated health reform of 2014 presented even more drastic change. So much time was dedicated to creating new programs and services to meet the guidelines of the mandates, WellCare was left with no time to spend on employee development and growth. Due to the rising costs of the new client programs and services, jobs were eliminated and corporate growth became stagnate.

The Solution

WellCare realized that to be a strong, successful company required development and delivery of effective employee development programs. They adopted a strategy that focused on the development of each employees’ leadership potential. In essence, the goal was to make the WellCare as a whole stronger – one leader at a time.

To support this strategy, WellCare selected CD2 Learning with The Ken Blanchard Companies’ world-class leadership curriculum emphasizing Situational Leadership® II. CD2 configured leadership courses and tools into a learning process map (LPM) customized by WellCare. This stressed the material most applicable to their needs. The LPM included videos, interactive simulations and activities that allowed users to learn and practice leadership vocabulary and skills using case studies and the CD2 Talent Development Toolkit. Users found this guided learning and practice to be engaging and easy to navigate.

The Results

Today, WellCare continues to use this leadership program. Users develop a common language of leadership and learn to use the tools so they can analyze, diagnose, and apply leadership concepts effectively in every situation. The technology also enables managers to form virtual, collaborative groups that increase the quality and frequency of conversations while building trust and sharing accountability. Wellcare Health Plans As enthusiasm and success of the program grew, more managers and directors chose to be involved by taking greater responsibility for the debriefings (conducted at regular intervals throughout the learning journey). This not only contributed to a shared language, it empowered their workforce through transparency. It also helped to establish a safe environment and encourage users by developing relationships and provide opportunities for rapid re-direction. Debrief leaders gained recognition and confidence as leaders. The success of the program has spread to the executive team who is now requesting a course that will allow them to participate in the shared leadership language and tools.

To keep the momentum going, WellCare started “Coaching Circles” that meet every few months to addressdevelopment topics to help everyone become stronger self-leaders. These Coaching Circles are proof that the WellCare staff are progressing as self-leaders – taking responsibility for their own development and leading the way to help others. It also shows the level of commitment of the entire staff.

The strategy to “make WellCare stronger one leader at a time” is well on its way. To date, the program has been offered to 465 leaders and will hit 500 leaders before the close of the year.The most exciting outcome, specific to those managers who have gone through this course, there has been a significant increase in engagement and no turnover.

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