CD2 Learning Client Success Story - The Ken Blanchard Companies

The Ken Blanchard Companies

Ken is one of the most influential leadership and management experts in the world. His book, The One Minute Manager, and content, Situational Leadership II® (SLII® ), have transformed the way Fortune 500 companies train and develop leaders.

The Challenge

The Ken Blanchard Companies recognized that the traditional classroom-training model for learning was evolving and new efficient and cost-effective models were needed for delivering leadership content to a wider audience. They knew by utilizing scalable cloud-based technology, accessible on any device -- smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop -- at any location, they could repackage their 35 year-old world-class content and reach a brand new audience of emerging leaders.

Blanchard had used eLearning for more than a decade, but found the results to be disappointing. The technology was cumbersome and not user friendly. The lessons on the existing Learning Management Systems did not allow for interaction that was essential to making the content come to life. They were never able to deliver eLearning to clients that was consistent with the high standards of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

The Solution

CD2 Learning is a cloud-based (SaaS) learning architecture that provides an asynchronous learning environment. Using this environment, Blanchard is able to provide their best in class leadership content on a 24/7 basis to audiences around the globe. The CD2 Learning platform allows Blanchard to deliver dynamic and engaging content second only to having Ken Blanchard in person. Working collaboratively, Blanchard and the CD2 Learning team set out to develop the best possible leadership content combined with the most innovative of delivery systems.

Each of the leadership lessons is complemented with ongoing collaboration through discussion threads and interactive debriefs. The modular nature of the design creates a foundation for focused or casual conversations about the content emulating one of the most impactful elements of classroom training.

The Results

The development of CD2 Leadership enables Blanchard to provide leaders with the best leadership content and tools they need to maximize their potential, no matter the size or location of the company.

Ken Blanchard, Founder and Owner of Ken Blanchard Companies Furthermore, Blanchard is able to take their powerful leadership content directly to front-line employees - an audience previously inaccessible because of cost and locations barriers. Blanchard clients can now use CD2 Leadership training for all staff levels in multiple locations and achieve increased productivity and performance throughout their respective organizations.

The CD2 Learning architecture transforms how Blanchard conducts business. Training programs are now easily customized for clients of all sizes across industries, allowing Blanchard to be a modular business. Rather than selling books and classroom trainings, Blanchard sells chapters and interactive on-line learning programs, which is more reflective of how businesses today fund their trainings. Most exciting of all is Blanchard’s expansion into international markets thanks to the CD2 Learning architecture’s cloudbased capabilities and accessibility from any device.

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