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An LMS for the Modern Learner

CD2's award-winning SaaS technology delivers micro-learning relevant to everyone in your organization, available on their preferred device. The result is an engaged workforce who's continually growing and helping you achieve measurable results.

Finally, an LMS everyone will love


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Your workforce is mobile - so are we.

Our native apps and robust SaaS website deliver content synchronized in real-time, so your learning content goes with your users. Mobile learning offers tremendous opportunities for organizations of any size.

Responsive scalable, device agnostic Mlearning - Anywhere or Anytime!

Your team values social learning and collaboration. We do too.

Learn and share best practices wherever they happen.... from collaborative assignments to the easy curation and sharing of knowledge across your organization. Our learning platform is so social, it just can’t help itself.

Moment-in-Time - Just in Time Authoring Learning Solution

Your modern workforce is hard-wired for fun + competition. Us too!

We make it easy for you to build communities, strengthen culture, and engage your team through competition, collaboration, interaction, and recognition. Emphasize your brand by awarding badges for the navigation of system activities. Customize rewards and points systems to encourage participation and reinforce outcomes. C'mon, race you to the demo...

Make learning fun! Gamify your learning and increase engagement through competition, collaboration and interaction while building communities.


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Award-winning mobile learning

Existing solutions didn’t meet Pella’s needs for sales training.  They wanted to offer cutting-edge, mobile training to differentiate their sales field from the rest of the industry.  To do this, Pella needed to meet their team where they were.