Getting What You Need from Learning Assessments

Assessments, once considered the end of a learning process, strategically provide benefits throughout the entire learning journey. Is your organization using assessments to your greatest advantage?

Assessments are powerful tools for increasing employee engagement and behavior change. Not only do they measure the knowledge and skills your associates have mastered - assessment data can be precisely tracked to help identify overall areas of strength and weakness within your learning program and help direct personalized learning paths for your modern learners.

Onboarding is considered a critical area for the use of innovative and engaging assessments, but they can be used even earlier as a powerful recruitment tool. Using your organization's real-world scenarios, you can assess candidates on simulated tasks and situations. This approach can identify not only top performers but the individual fields where they would perform best.

At the end of the day, what you want to know is whether your learners understand what you need them to know, can demonstrate they can put it use, and that you have proof mastery has taken place.

Mobile technology platforms, like CD2 Learning, offer opportunities for a variety of immersive, interactive, gamified - and most importantly trackable - assessments. Because a variety of learning styles necessitates a variety of assessment techniques, how can you determine if your LMS has the capabilities you need to deliver the necessary assessments?

Here are a few questions to ask or expect from your LMS system:

  • Will you be able to create a variety of assessments in different formats as appropriate?
  • Is there a built-in assessment/survey tool to conduct quick and/or in-depth assessments/polls/surveys?
  • Is there timed assessment capability?
  • Can you develop and manage large banks of assessment questions?
  • Is there question and answer choice scrambling at the individual question level?
  • Can it provide item analysis that provides reporting on each assessment question (across times used) to help assessment developers analyze question effectiveness?
  • Is there seamless delivery of various assessment & materials to large groups of users while maintaining consistently high system performance?
  • Is there an easy self-registration (if desired)?
  • Does it provide responsive scoring of online assessments?
  • Does it provide comprehensive and just-in-time assessment metrics/analytics through standard or customized reporting at various organizational levels?
  • Can you customize certifications post-assessment?
  • Can reports be printed or exported in .xls or pdf.?

Then, ask for a demonstration of current examples such as game-based, simulations, interactive, and role-playing assessments.

For more information or if you have questions on how to get started maximizing your assessment capabilities, please contact our team.

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