Engaging Today's Learners

CD2 Learning's award-winning SaaS learning platform has formed a strategic partnership with OpenSesame

Why is curating and creating content so valuable for today's learners and modern L&D programs? Today’s workforce is more self-driven and demands learning and development that is easily accessible – anytime and anywhere, in short action-based microbursts. Basically, they seek learning that replicates their other online usage. Modern learners want to find their own learning, then share what they know with others while receiving credit for their efforts. The CD2 platform supports these self-driven individuals with content curation and social learning capabilities that can be tracked and recognized.

CD2 Learning is an LMS +
The plus makes it better! It's the combination of the industry's leading LMS with the most requested components from other systems. In this case, our award-winning content management system (CMS) and mobile app.

Your assigned users can easily curate and create content by sourcing social media and other internet-based resources, uploading externally created files, or using the embedded authoring tools to create unique content items. Anyone can assemble a personal library of content that can be cataloged for easy retrieval. All content items can be used to develop engaging training, shared with others as resources, or simply saved for future use. Content items can be associated with outcomes to allow any training to be measured and tracked. These content items can be reused in an unlimited number of times. When a content item is updated, the change takes effect in all places that content item is used...this instant updating is critical for sales teams on the go. Finally, change management that is practically painless.

The CD2 Mobile App allows for content sourcing and curation on the fly!

The CD2 platform includes a CMS where each resource is cataloged, tagged, and available to share and repurpose across the entire system with learning and talent management tools that enable users to be self-directed leaders.

  • Easily find, repurpose, and deliver content quickly
  • Curate personal resource libraries
  • Provide on-demand access to key resources
  • Protect valuable intellectual property behind a secure login

Click here for more information, or a demonstration on how it could work for you.

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