Keep Employees by Keeping Them Learning

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It's the season of pomp and circumstance. A wave of excited graduates enter the workforce, motivated by having achieved their biggest goal to date. Unfortunately, that motivation can be lost if they find themselves in a culture that doesn't offer the empowering development they want. For organizations, the answer is to offer personal learning paths. Technology and elearning platforms are making that easier and more affordable than ever before.

A personal learning path is exactly that, an elearning development approach that centers on individual learners' goals and preferences, customizing their experience. By allowing learners to choose courses, activities, and methods of learning - companies empower the individual. At the same time, it allows L&D professionals to identify the individual's learning style, weaknesses, strengths and needs. The benefit for the learner comes in being able to better acquire and retain the knowledge and skills they need for their career.

In creating personal learning paths there are three must-have components:

  • 1. Clearly define goals and objectives. This is two-sided. The organization has key subject matter that needs to be mastered and the individual buys in with individualized goals and objectives.

  • 2. Allow for choices, control is empowering.This can be achieved in a few ways. Mobile learning allows users a choice of device along with a choice of "when" and "where." Learners can also choose what types of activities and courses to tackle next...and in what format. Options and choice even come into play during assessment of knowledge. We learn in different ways and we test in different ways. Offer multiple choice exams, online essays, and even simulations or game-based assessments. Assessments can be especially effective if taken as self-assessments, not as the "final exam." Throughout the course you can allow for quizzes, simulations or activities that give the learner a chance to correct errors and reinforce essential learning.

  • 3. Provide progress checks. Modern learners respond to recognition and reward. Giving them a way to check their progress, even be recognized for their achievements, is a great way to keep them on the right path.

CD2 Learning offers innovative tools for easily creating the customized learning and diagnostic assessments you need to provide personal learning paths. If you would like a demonstration of how it works, click here.

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