Four Leadership Traits Extending Beyond the Office

CD2 Learning CEO tackles back-to-back marathons

Recently, our CEO (Mark Hunter) completed a personal challenge that few people even dream of attempting - the I-35 Challenge. He ran the Kansas City Marathon on Saturday and drove straight up I-35 to run the Des Moines Marathon on Sunday, earning him the title of "Warrior CEO."

Back home from our couches, the CD2 Team wasn't at all surprised at his success, the traits he exhibited during this challenge are similar to his leadership style at work.

  1. Humility - he never mentioned his plan, just did it
  2. Additional courses on specific work challenges
  3. Easy to search support to make their jobs better, faster
  4. Easy to find information on ways to not only do their job, but progress in their job and your organization

Mark started running during high school as part of the legendary Shawnee Mission Northwest Cross Country team coached by Van Rose. Running for a coach with over twenty state titles, Mark began to develop skills that would serve him well when running - and in life. He continued running through his years at Harvard and up to today. Responsible for the growth of several software companies, he says that running provides energy and helps keep stress in check - a must for this highly competitive industry.

We tip our hats to you Mark Hunter - your team is proud of what you've accomplished (and awed). We look forward to your next adventure!