Four Point of Need Resources, that your Team Needs

CD2 Learning Knowledge at the Point of Need

Training a modern workforce can mean a series of unique challenges. You want to onboard and provide critical learning soon after an employee's hire date, but even though the retention of that knowledge lasts the first few days - soon knowledge decay soon sets in and all that valuable training is wasted.

Your team will be more motivated to learn, and more likely to retain that learning, when there is a deadline looming. Given those circumstances, learning at the point of need can be the answer.

Just to clarify - we aren't talking about courses at the point of need, but rather - resources, specifically digital resources with an easy user experience and intuitiveness of the web-search your modern team is used too - but within the context of your specific business and organization. One convenient, branded repository for all your of your organization's valuable shared knowledge.

These resources can include:

  1. Collaborative sharing and experiences from other members of your team
  2. Additional courses on specific work challenges
  3. Easy to search support to make their jobs better, faster
  4. Easy to find information on ways to not only do their job, but progress in their job and your organization

We've recently held a short CD2 Demo Day on this topic and the recorded demonstration is available for viewing now. Click here to learn more.