Three Reasons to Apply for Industry Awards

Three Reasons to Apply for Industry Awards

And the Oscar goes to....Even if you aren't one of the millions of people who throw a theme party and tune in for this yearly event, the Academy Awards process is a great example of why industry awards and competitions are important for any business or service.

In most cases, it truly is enough just to be nominated. Being nominated means bragging rights and creates an instant sense of credibility. It also creates interest, allowing smaller or lesser known projects to gain recognition they might not otherwise receive. The CD2 team is by nature, a competitive bunch, it's part of our company culture. We enjoy the nomination process, the competition, and we really like the winning part! However, that's just a small part of why we participate in various industry awards, here are three more important motivations.

Our Clients
The first is for our clients and partners. We are proud of the innovative solutions we've created together and nominating client solutions is a great way for them to get the recognition they deserve. A director of L&D, a Chief Learning Officer, or IT manager may be a unsung hero in their organization; taking a backseat to a big sales producer or a more public marketing team. Awards provide opportunities to issue some positive P.R. in their own industry, demonstrates brand pride to potential hires, and allows the organization to deliver a message about their award-winning competitive differences. Third party endorsements can impact buying decisions simply by creating awareness to a brand. 

Our Team
At CD2, we understand the need for rewards and recognition for today's workforce, that's why our Moment in Time learning platform is built for gamification throughout. Honors and awards offer up the chance to recognize and reward your team. Studies show that around 80% of employees feel under-valued. However, a survey by Glassdoor confirmed the power of recognition when more than 80% of those surveyed said they were motivated to work harder, and stay at their position longer, when their work was appreciated. This is particularly true for the millennial workforce. Use industry awards to build esprit de corps and strengthen company culture. The team wins the award, although some individuals may play a bigger role in a certain category of reward. Even that can be beneficial. When team members see other members called out and recognized, it provides motivation to work harder and earn the same.

Our Innovative Industry
Being nominated or winning an honor serves as a testament to a company's pride in their work. It shows potential customers and the competition that you have been recognized as having a worthy service, a unique product. In an industry that innovates as rapidly as ours, (the software industry) it's important to continually promote new features and launches. It not only lets clients know about new offerings, it strengthens the industry as a whole.

In the past couple of years, CD2's Moment in Time platform has received over 40 industry awards, most of them as co-winners with our clients. (Oh shucks, now we're blushing.) It can be a time-consuming process and sometimes a financial consideration. However, given the positive impact it has on our clients, our team, investors, consultants, and those in the industry - making award submissions should be a winning component of an organization's marketing and sales strategy.


Congratulations to Pella Windows and Doors! Recently the Pella Sales University was named to the LEAD2018 Winner's Circle for Best Use of Mobile Technology.

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