CD2 Learning - Craig Weiss’ top 50 LMS report of 2016

We are delighted to report that CD2 Learning ranked #29 out of 690 LMS platforms in Craig Weiss’ top 50 Learning Management Systems report of 2016. CD2 took home the #3 honors in LMS for Small/Medium Businesses.

Weiss says, "Potential is the best way to describe the CD2 LMS. It screams it left and right and when the calculations were complete, the criteria analyzed, CD2 Learning hit the mark."

After reviewing nearly 700 systems, CD2 was named #29 overall based on criteria of user interface, support and service, speed of innovation, adoptability and adaptability, as well as acting upon consumer feedback.

The full report is published by E-Learning 24/7 - which not only publishes a regularly updated list of the top LMSs, but also a list of the top rapid content authoring tools – the report is the work of the internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss. Craig was recently named in an independently produced industry list as the most influential person in the world for corporate e-learning.

Included in the criteria for the list:

  • Features of the LMS – especially the learning environment for the learners, strengths and weaknesses
  • User Interface - it has to be modern
  • Administration side – Features, look and feel, capabilities Analytics and Reporting – There is a market seeking stronger analytical data and extraction has to be within your LMS
  • Innovation (high) – forward thinking – always remember you buying a LMS, not just now but three years down the road
  • Support and Service (high) – Number one reason, people leave their LMS.
  • Adaptability – I love it when people say they support change, then when it is time to change, forget about it.  In this market you have to adapt.
  • Learner dashboards (high) –  This is the future and frankly should be your present (vendor that is).
  • Mobile –  Another you need it now, but you also need this and that – Yes it is a feature, but it is separated from the features of the LMS;  this is reality
  • Feedback – Let’s hear it from the consumers – based on attending trade shows, hearing from readers, folks on social.
  • Technology infrastructure

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