Competition in the Workplace, Everyone Wins

There’s a whole lot of trash talk around the water cooler this week, a sign that it’s time for the annual Chili Competition at CD2. That made me think… is competition in the workplace a positive thing or a double-edged chopping knife?

On the plus side, competition can encourage individuals to push beyond normal limits, increasing production and productivity. Even self-competition can create positive changes in work habits. Of course, not all competition is individual; teams can also benefit. Collaboration leads to increased communication and problem-solving capabilities.

On the flip side of the knife, competition can create resentment. This certainly defeats the goal of cooperation and collaboration. There’ll always be fiercer competitors and frankly, competition can bring out the worst in some folks.

With competition comes goals. Honors, rewards and bonuses are all ways to recognize success, but are not always necessary. Studies show that self-development minded millennials often recognize competition as a positive opportunity to better themselves and are motivated by badges, verbal recognition and posted results.

What does this have to do with CD2 Learning? The CD2 Learning ecosystem includes a gamification component and simulation engine that we call the Innovator. Using the gamification component, points and/or badges can be assigned as awards for completion of virtually any activity within the system. Using Innovator, games and simulations can be created to allow users to put skills into practice versus just reading about them. This elevates the level of engagement, participation, and learning retention.

Everyone wins. That’s certainly the case for the CD2 team. The Chili Cook-off is an opportunity to showcase talents outside of the norm, it strengthens our team and creates memories.  Besides, who doesn’t like a little trash talk?

Of course, not everyone wins the actual cook-off. This year’s winners take home coveted prizes, and more importantly, 365 days of bragging rights.

Winning Entries:

  • First Place: Scott with his “No, Whitney Did Not Make This” Chili
  • Second Place: Yukon with his “I Can Win Without the Heat” Chili
  • Third Place: Mike with his “Mafia” Chili