Six Short Tips for Microlearning

A client asked about microlearning, "so, we just shorten our lessons?'

The answer is, yes...and no. Yes, the message will be shortened into chunks of information. The "no" part comes in by looking at microlearning as just shorter versions of  "lessons." 

Think of microlearning not as a formal happening,  but as informal learning opportunities embedded into daily routine.  One insight per message. Time and place to be selected by the learner. 

And now,  the six short  tips, as promised:

  • Short videos, the less than 90 second kind.
  • Infographic job aids posted for the learner's convenience and repeat visits. 
  • "Tip of the Day" type messages pushed out topically.
  • A library of brief podcasts encouraging individual development.
  • Post recent customer service experience, and takeaway message, in employee areas.
  • Brief blog entries (briefer than this one!).