CD2 Learning - The Elephant In The Room

You've heard the parable of the elephant and blind men?  It's a tale exemplifying the challenges of fragmented knowledge.  The first man touched the elephant's leg and calls it a tree, the next felt the tail and argued it was a rope, and so on. 

CD2 has a similar story - we're an elephant sized solution, on one platform.

Part #1 - Extended Enterprise Portal
- In his recent published findings on the future of HCM SaaS, Industry Analyst, Scott Berg, calls CD2 Learning one of the "younger companies leading the innovation charge" of what he calls HCM 2.0.  In a further discussion, he pointed out that CD2's agile ecosystem's strength is as an extended enterprise portal. As such, one benefit is the opportunity to share knowledge and create a new revenue stream. You'll be able to offer online courses, live courses, and other materials though an eCommerce store. 

Part #2 - Learning Management System - With a proven track record in online training software, CD2's LMS was a natural first step... with a twist.  Our LMS is designed to increase engagement through gamification, plus active learning to practice and apply skills.  Additionally, we designed a way to make learning a social experience with collaboration that builds community. Convenient, enjoyable, and empowered learning – when and where you want it.  All on one cloud based platform. 

Part #3 - Content Management System - CD2 Learning redefines "content" as the building blocks or foundation of your comprehensive library. You'll start with these building blocks, discrete elements like images, videos, text blocks, social media posts, etc. Elements are automatically indexed, tagged and version-controlled. You can then build and manage your organization's library by assigning roles and permissions; create a streamlined workflow for users to upload or create content. You then share select content elements to be viewed and downloaded from the content library. Backed by permissions, each user is given custom access to your content( based on enrolled courses, certifications, and groups).  Specialized to any industry. Easily  find, repurpose, and deliver content quickly in a system tailored to meet your needs. This streamlined system of viewing content at a granular level will maximize the value and lifecycle of your content. 

Part #4 - Social Collaboration - Some clients value CD2 Learning for the ability to create and define dynamic workflows. They use the patent-pending CD2 Collaborative Process Map component for onboarding, learning, succession planning, sales training, and more. It's a way to improve effectiveness on joint tasks by removing the communication barriers, minimize organizational boundaries, and encourage online social interaction. Engage today's workforce when you gamify your processes by adding point values, badges, and leaderboards.  Socialize your discussions and encourage feedback through threads and posts. Work together to build stronger teams, increase job satisfaction, and retain talent - from anywhere on any device.

Part #5 - Talent Management, Team Lead Development - CD2 provides a "quality over quantity" approach/library including a customized talent development platform combining The Ken Blanchard Companies’ world-class leadership content and library (SLII®), CD2's Learning Process Map and Talent Development Toolkit. CD2 Learning's Learning Process Map (LPM) allows for training (micro-training) to be accessible, affordable, customizable and flexible. Gamification engages users through recognition, while a leader board promotes engagement and shows at-a-glance progress. Finally, the  CD2 Talent Development Toolkit is used to meet sustainability goals. 

Part #6 - Authoring Tool - The CD2 Learning system has simplified the creation and delivery of content. Start by building a content library using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface that supports bulk importing. Add tags and keywords to the content elements for ease in finding them for reuse. To visually build lessons, start with prebuilt templates for page layout. Then drag and drop your content to fill the page. You'll instantly see everything as it is being built. Finally, save time by rapidly updating your content elements. Drag and drop a new image and watch as it automatically updates across every lesson where it is used.