Analysts see as Innovator

What do analysts see for the future of SaaS Application Software?  Please take a moment to read some of the insights from Scott Berg of Needham & Company, LLC.  We were excited to be recognized and hope you find the information interesting.  (July, 2015, Needham Analyst Report on SaaS Application Software). 

"We spoke with a relatively young company in the LMS space called CD2 Learning about the changing dynamics in the LMS space and how customers are approaching LMS versus a couple years ago." states Berg. His findings support the direction CD2 Learning has taken in designing the only complete, cloud-based solution with LMS, CMS, built-in content authoring tools, gamification, and social collaboration capabilities.

Taking a closer look at the changing dynamic in the LMS space, here is just one of the opportunities Berg identifies,
"Performance Management could undergo a big shift towards team lead development."  To prove his point, Berg describes a company that believes "the key to improving individual performance is truly driven by proper team lead or manager development and the subsequent systems must be positioned to better train and develop these leaders versus the masses as they are today."  

CD2 shares this mindset, but has refined it with a "quality over quantity" library and approach. 

The success of this strategy was outlined in a recent whitepaper case study of the customized talent development platform CD2 provided for Ted's Montana Grill ( Download white paper ).  For TMG, CD2 Learning provides a customized talent development platform combining The Ken Blanchard Companies’ world-class leadership content and library (SLII®), CD2's Talent Development Toolkit and Learning Process Map. It brings Ted's Montana Grill a common language of leadership and a strong foundation to ensure leaders focus on growth and development in day to day interactions. It teaches leaders and individuals to analyze, diagnose, think, and apply leadership concepts effectively in any situation - and to be more accessible and responsive. Manager groups allow participants to increase the quality and frequency of conversations while building trust and sharing accountability. Managers select lessons from the KBC Leadership Manager Curriculum, or the Individual Contributor Curriculum, that meet TMG's organizational goals/outcomes. Online lessons are constructed using rich multimedia interactive simulations and discussions, and end with an assessment.  Instant measurement and gratification supports TMG's goal of self-leadership development. 

To meet sustainability goals: CD2 Talent Development Toolkit - intuitive, easy-to-use, and accessible to all team members. Using this designed-to-scale toolkit, TMG can:

  • Create an interactive map of organizational and departmental goals
  • Set individual SMART goals and tasks that align to department and organization goals
  • Enable more effective communication between key stakeholders to discuss goals and performance in a confidential system

The Talent Development Toolkit also provides a documented, real-time system that supports team members to improve overall communication and organizational effectiveness. TMG's distinct outcomes were met through a customized process that Director of Training, Heather Dunn put in place in 2013. 

Another component of the strategy is micro learning. CD2 Learning's Learning Process Map (LPM) allows for training to be accessible, affordable, and flexible. Users navigate a series of lessons and activities related to a specific learning outcome or competency and are easily tailored to meet training needs. Gamification engages users through recognition; earning badges and points. (Soon a leader board will be launched that promotes engagement and shows at-a-glance progress.) After finishing the Leadership LPM, the toolkit supports a culture of continuous learning and engagement.

Client success is the truest measurement of success, but being recognized as a future innovator in the industry affirms CD2's belief that what the marketplace needs is more than a LMS.  It's a single solution, extended enterprise, LCMS, collaborative learning architecture with content at the core.  An agile ecosystem system flexible enough to allow you to quickly and easily create, deliver and track customized content. It is a single solution on a single platform, without the hurdles Berg describes below.

Berg states, "Our biggest takeaway was that LMS continues to lack a cohesive standard of unified use cases amongst most customers.  Ultimately, these different use cases will make it difficult for a true single LMS platform vendor to have viability across all verticals....."

By designing the solution for the limitations of disparate systems, CD2 is on track for what Berg sees as the future of HCM, or HCM 2.0.  Berg says, "While we believe much of the investor interest over the last several years has focused on whether or not the final chapter of the hyper-growth HCM technology novel is currently being written, we remain big believers that we are closer to chapter five of a 30 chapter novel than the final chapter. If anything, we believe the younger companies are leading the innovation charge towards HCM 2.0."

We are proud to be that younger company leading the innovation charge. 

Click here to download Berg's entire report.