Proud to be in KC

We are a KC tech company

"You’re a tech company, why are you in Kansas City and not Silicon Valley?" 

This time of year (winter), we ask ourselves the same thing! Yes, living in the Midwest, winter weather and traffic jams are just part of everyday life. Recently I found myself in a major backup. Turning to local radio for traffic updates, I happened to catch an interesting story on flex working.  (Trust me, the irony of listening about people working from home while stuck in traffic on the way into the office is not lost on me.) More...

It's a Great Time to Work in e-Learning

CD2 Learning Story on eLearning Industry

Over the past 20 years, innovation in the e-learning industry has been staggering. Rapidly innovating technology has eliminated the majority of frustrations associated with legacy learning management systems (LMSs) by focusing on the evolving needs of the consumer. That consumer is also evolving – both HR/L&D professionals and the modern workforce. What an exciting time to be in this industry! More...

Keep Employees by Keeping Them Learning

CD2 Learning's award-winning SaaS learning platform has formed a strategic partnership with OpenSesame

It's the season of pomp and circumstance. A wave of excited graduates enter the workforce, motivated by having achieved their biggest goal to date. Unfortunately, that motivation can be lost if they find themselves in a culture that doesn't offer the empowering development they want. For organizations, the answer is to offer personal learning paths. Technology and elearning platforms are making that easier and more affordable than ever before. More...