The Rise of LMS Specialists

Industry expert John Leh of Talented Learning just posted an interesting article on his website - The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation. CD2 Learning is honored to be mentioned in this article as one of the “LMS specialists driving measurable business results and competitive advantage for buyers.” We invite you to read the full article….

Innovation and Technology for Onboarding – Offer an Exciting Start

As we walked into the grocery store, my young niece let out a squeal, " supplies!" There it was, a bright shiny display full of promise and fresh starts. Because her "Frozen" backpack was sooooo last year, we shopped for one fitting her expectations for the 6th grade. When I questioned whether this stylish bag could hold all her books, I was reminded that this year her school will supply tablets with downloaded textbooks. No wonder she was excited. A new year, new tools, new technology to deliver learning in a way she is obviously thrilled about. That “fresh start” feeling never gets old!